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The Hobbitt, sliced and diced
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There are times that we here at the Techno-Impressionist journal feel that we don't get the respect that we so richly deserve. After all, we are a journal, not a blog, and we don't have RSS, CSS, or even XML. To even things out, we've decided to go high-tech and we're proudly announcing our revolutionary new software product -- Download Me Elmo 2.0.

Download Me Elmo is the ultimate multimedia experience, using VRML (pronounced "VRML"), RealGood Audio, full-motion video (33 bit), twirling pages, vibrating text, zooming GIFs, RSS (Real Sophisticated Stuff), XML (X-rated Markup Language), and every other new technology you've read about but haven't seen yet.

Download Me Elmo is a Java applet that utilizes the newest features of Netscape 12.2 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.1 (both in pre-alpha), as well as thirteen untested plug-ins for either browser. After a mere two-hour download and installation process, Elmo is ready for use.

As a Java applet, Download Me Elmo can do several things simultaneously. While running on your PC and delivering the ultimate multimedia experience, in the background, Elmo is deleting all the cash from your online bank account.

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