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Hilltop at Sky Meadows
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Even colder here today than yesterday, with a forecast for snow. So I thought a picture from a warmer time might be in order. And here we are, on a beautiful autumn day, In Sky Meadows Park.

This is an example of a horizontal panorama. It took 12 separate pictures joined together to make this one. It covers an angle of well over 180 degrees.

Notice how the exposure changes from the left (towards the sun), over to the right (away from the sun). Many who shoot panoramas recommend that you lock the camera's exposure, so that it's uniform across all the individual pictures that make up the panorama. That's probably okay if you're shooting something that has a constant value over a fairly small angle of view. Here, however, using the same exposure for the individual pictures, one side of the panorama would either be totally dark or totally washed out. I think that the transition of dark to light makes this picture even more interesting.

Most panorama programs have some facility for matching and adjusting the pictures that make up a panorama. In addition, it's pretty easy to make those adjustments yourself using any photo editing program.

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