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Manhattan canyon
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This is how I remember new York City. When you live here for a long time -- more than 60 years in my case -- you get used to the layout of the skyscrapers in Manhattan. They don't feel oppressive, and you sort of like the compactness of the city and being able to get everywhere on foot or with public transportation.

Now we're living in farm country. Very different. The nearest public building with an elevator is the local hospital, about 15 miles from here. The nearest street corner is about 8 miles from here, in a town with a population of less than 1000 people. Quite a ways from Manhattan, with its population in the millions.

This picture was taken on a regular film camera with a very wide angle lens to exaggerate the perspective and create the canyon-like feeling with the buildings closing in on you.

One of the differences between film and digital is that every film image has to be painstakingly scanned into the computer, whereas with digital, every single image can be saved with little effort. (Obviously, only a small percentage of the film-based images make it into the computer.) For the way that I work, wandering through old images looking for interesting things that I might have missed, digital photography yields an additional benefit.

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