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Friendly rabbit under our window
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This little guy came around the front of our house one day last year and parked himself under a bush by one of the windows in the library. Almost like he was keeping an eye on us.

At first, the Hobbitt and I peeked out at him through closed shutters, afraid that we might scare him away. But no, he just sat there and stared at us. So we opened the shutters to get a better view. Still nothing, just that stare.

So finally, I went and got my camera and took a few pictures of him. I thought he might be camera shy, but he seemed to enjoy posing.

Then the Hobbitt and I tried to communicate with him. We smiled, waved, made faces, and did a short dance number, which just seemed to amuse him. I think that he must have thought that we were some kind of a TV show. Perhaps he was hoping that someone would change the channel.

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