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Candlelight vigil on the eve of war
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Three years ago tonight, a group of people, organized over the Internet by the Hobbitt, met in a tiny park in the middle of Forest Hills, New York. It was close enough to the city to have seen the World Trade Center from that vantage point.

We lit candles and sang and prayed that there would be no war. Passers by stopped and joined us. We talked about many things. We knew that there were no weapons aimed at us, and that there was no threat. We had heard the Secretary of State's speech to the UN, and knew that it was lies. We knew that Iraq had nothing to do with the attack of 9-11, and we knew that an attack on that country would have terrible consequences.

There had been anti-war marches, some of them huge, all over the world, and it was unusual, in itself, to have such marches before a war. We hoped that someone would hear our pleas, someone who had the power to stop the war. But we hoped in vain. The war was preordained. It had been in the planning for years. Our voices went unheard and unheeded. Instead, we heard talk of "Shock and awe" and how we would be welcomed by the Iraqis. People in favor of the war talked of "liberation" and "spreading democracy."

Now, the drums of war are beating again as the President begins the rush to attack another country. What will happen? Will the American people be fooled again, or will they stand up and demand that America return to the principles on which it was founded?

Technical note: The picture was shot in infrared and then the color was restored.

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