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Abandoned barn
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Where we live in Virginia, there is constant change, as opposed to New York, where things change very little. This is because New York City is pretty well built up. There is very little undeveloped land, so most of the new building, what there is of it, takes place when an old structure is torn down and is replaced by a new one.

By contrast, the area where we live now in northern Virginia is very open, with much of the countryside filled with farms. While there are a lot of new homes along the main roads, our area is zoned to at least 10 acres per homesite.

So everywhere you drive, there is some sort of construction. For the farms, it's new buildings, new fences, and that sort of thing. It's interesting to live in an area where there's constant change and growth, as opposed to a place that's aging and static.

Here we see an abandoned barn, long past the point of repair. I'd seen it on our walks but couldn't get close enough. Finally, we met up with the owner, who gave us permission to go on his land to photograph it.

It was hard to find an angle that caught this old building without including some of the distracting scenery nearby. This shot captures the feeling I was after, with just the right lighting, and a few clouds in the background.

Last week, I went past this property and the barn was gone.

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