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Catalan cat
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This happened while traveling from Perpignan to Barcelona. It was along a major highway and, like the major highways in the US there are places along the road to stop and get a bite to eat. At this rest stop, the restaurant was on one side of the highway. From the other side you reached it by going up in sort of a tower and then across and above the road in a bridge-like arrangement.

We were on the side of the road across from the restaurant, so we had to go up the tower. We decided to use the stairs rather than the elevator. As we started up the stairs, we heard the most god-awful mewling sound, like a small animal being tortured. Undeterred, we ventured further and finally found the source of the noise. It was this tiny kitten. The Hobbitt thought the cat looked hungry and suggested that I give it something. So I gave it 1/00th second @ F/4. (Old photographer's joke, but I'm an old photographer so it's okay.)

One of the nice things about digital cameras is that you see the results as soon as you take the picture. With film cameras, you accumulate rolls of exposed film and don't see the results until you return from your travels. After this trip, I had about 20 rolls of film to get processed, and then wade through the little prints hoping that I got something worth scanning into the computer.

In this picture, the cat came out quite small due to the limited zoom lens on the camera I was using. I had to use just a small portion of the picture. It was a mite underexposed as well. To make things worse, it turns out that the film scanner introduced all sorts of little artifacts and faults into the image.

But sometimes things that seem to be a problem work out in unexpected ways. In this case, all of the faults combined to give this impressionistic image, far more interesting than a sharp and detailed image would have been.

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