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Abandoned tractor
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There's a large property near where we live. It used to be a cattle farm, but the owner sold it to developers to build ten-acre home sites. The good news is that they put down this nifty new road that runs through the development. In total, it's a couple of miles long and there's hardly any traffic. So we now have another place to take our walks.

The farmer still owns a little piece of the land, with some of the original farm buildings still standing, including an abandoned barn. And this is where a junked tractor, making a brave face sat for its portrait.

Today, we walked past the barn and the tractor was gone. So I thought I would post this picture in its memory. I know that there are people whose hobby is lovingly restoring antiques like this. There is a certain joy to seeing a workhorse like this put back into original condition. Maybe that's where this old tractor will end up.

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