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A wedding in Girona
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Girona is a beautiful town on Spain's Costa Brava, about 60 miles northeast of Barcelona. Because it's in Catalonia, the name of the town can be pronounced as starting with an "H" (Spanish), or starting with a "G" (Catalan).

In the town, there's a large church. On one side, there is a huge staircase leading to the entrance. This is the one we took, and we were soon inside the church. Someone was rehearsing a beautiful song, but it was American, a love ballad. It turns out that it was a rehearsal for a wedding to be held later that day.

After touring the town, we went back to the church via an entrance without the large staircase, at which were parked the cars of the wedding guests. Judging by the cars, this was a wedding of the well-to-do.

We were standing in the courtyard when the bridal party left the church. I stood on an old post to get high enough to take this picture of the wedding party.

After I scanned it into the computer, it seemed to lack any real interest. Just another photo of a wedding. So first I converted the picture to black and white. Then, some impulse made me mask of part of the background and add a spiral gradient that ended up in the bride's veil.

So now we have taken an ordinary picture and transformed it into something quite different. I wonder where it could go from here.

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