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Fantasy cat
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The cat belongs to Claudine and Didier and resides in Saints, near Faremoutiers, about 35 miles east of Paris. The forest is in a park in new York City. How they came together is an interesting tale.

I had just gotten a new film scanner and had scanned in some images. I had also just gotten a new version of a graphics editing program (no, not Photoshop). So I was busily loading images into the program and trying out different effects. I was also busy trying to see how many different effects I could use on my images.

At one point, as fate would have it, I had these two images open at the same time, each in its own window in the graphics program. So now I was checking out the program's menus to find something a little bit different. I noticed one that said "Arithmetic..." Hmmm.... I wonder what that one does. So I selected it and dialog box opened. Lots of options to select, but I decided to just use the defaults and clicked the "OK" button.

And lo and behold, like some magic trick, a new window opened with this image, just as you see here.

There is a lesson here. Determining what it is, as my math teacher used to say, will be left as an exercise for the student.

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