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The Hobbitt at sunset
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It's sunset and the Hobbitt is out, standing in her field, grokking the sunset. It's a very peaceful time of day.

We were talking about this the other evening, about how much lower the stress is compared to where we used to live in New York City. It's a very different lifestyle. I think that one of the things is the low population density where we live now. Our house used to be eight feet from the neighbors on either side.

One neighbor had a German shepherd that barked incessantly, rattling the windows in our bedroom. Talking to the neighbor did nothing. He had bought the dog specifically to make as much noise as possible. Where we live now, people are ashamed to have a dog that barks and annoys the neighbors, and the county has laws against barking dogs. (NYC doesn't. There was no one to call about the dog next door.)

I tried to give this picture sort a Steichen-like look, as in his work before 1920. I changed the picture to monochrome, added a little softness, retouched some extraneous detail, and added a sepia tone.

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