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First butterfly of spring
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We put in a long day yesterday, the Hobbitt and I. We cut the grass in the field, watered the new lawn (still under the straw), and generally worked on the property.

Near sunset, we decided to go for a walk, just down our road, to Bull Run, where it ends. But there's a nice grade down to the water, so you put in a little effort on the way back.

I took along my little camera. You never know when you'll find something to photograph. But there wasn't much that I hadn't already photographed.

Then, in the distance I saw a butterfly flit across the road in front of me. I thought I could tell where he had landed, and I was right. He was just sitting there, waiting for me to catch up.

He held this pose while I fiddled with my camera, getting it ready, then trying different angles. For a butterfly, he was very patient.

So I guess spring is officially here. And this beautiful swallowtail butterfly is my reward.

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