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Deconstructed Hobbitt
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Look at this. It's the Hobbitt gone all to bits. It's almost as if you could see her basic thought patterns. Sort of what you might see if the Hobbitt were to be portrayed by one of the artists involved in Cubism.

The effect makes me think of decoupage, with individual scraps of paper floating over a white background. It certainly has an interesting three-dimensional appearance.

I achieved this effect using the "Derrida" plug-in from Wilkington-Smythe. This plug-in works with Photoshop and other compatible programs. The unusual thing is that the effect, when used in Photoshop, is not very strong. To get the effect shown in the picture above, you have to use the plug-in with one of the compatible programs. Since I don't use Photoshop, this isn't a problem. (I wonder if the people who do everything in Photoshop know what they're missing.)

Sadly, there's a downside to this. Once you've deconstructed a Hobbitt, there is no way to put her back together again.

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