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Blue mosaic portrait
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Putting your pictures on the web presents some interesting challenges. For one thing, the screen is very small, compared with the print size I currently use, which is 13 by 19 inches. For another, computer monitor screens vary wildly in both size and resolution. An additional factor is the wide range of settings for brightness, contrast, and color rendition that you will find on the average monitor. All of these must be taken into account.

One positive factor is that the web browser allows me to control exactly how the picture is presented. I used that feature in an exhibit called "Views" on our main web page. By purposely using images that are larger than the browser, I was able to force the viewer to scroll up and down, or side to side to see the whole image. It gave an interesting way to look at panoramic images.

Here, in the journal, the images are all the same size, with a maximum size for height or width so that they will fit most browsers. This imposes some requirements on how the images will be processed for presentation. It precludes some panoramas as the detail will be too fine and the image will just be a thin strip on the screen.

The picture above is an example of an image that was modified to be presented here. First, it was cropped so that image will appear larger and the textures will be visible on the screen. Then the image was lightened and the contrast increased slightly to bring out the detail in the shadow areas.

I use an album program to manage my collection of picture files. In it you will find pictures that have several different versions -- one for printing, and one for presentation on the web.

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