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Night on the Seine
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Ah, a beautiful night in Paris, truly the City of Light. We had walked from the Etoile after climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, and were headed in the general direction of the Eiffel Tower. You pass along the some of the fanciest streets along the way, with the names of famous couturiers and others on the buildings. It had rained a little, but now it was clear.

As we reached the river Seine, and walked along it, we came to a footbridge that crossed the river. From the bridge we caught this view. There was the Eiffel Tower, illuminated from within, reflected in the waters of the Seine like some Impressionist painting.

On the computer, I removed some of the detail, a very un-photographic thing to do. But this added further to the Impressionistic look that I was after. Other than some playing with the levels and a slight cropping to center the important parts of the image, that was about it.

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