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Hobbitt and the jellyfish
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Here we are at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Hobbitt is watching a tank of large, dangerous-looking jellyfish. This is a really nifty place. Not only do they have a lot of fish and other aquatic creatures, but they also have a great web site.

One interesting thing on the web site is a list of different fish that aren't recommended for eating. Two reasons that a fish can get on the list are because eating that particular species of fish is bad for your health, or because if enough people eat that species of fish, there won't be any left in the ocean.

Used to be that fish was cheap and beef was expensive. Now it's the other way around, with choice cuts of salmon and tuna selling for over twenty dollars a pound. Most of the affordable (but less healthy) salmon is now grown on farms, which conjures up some weird images of fishboys rounding them up in some sort of fish drive and herding them off to market.

But I still love a good tuna steak. It's fish, but it looks a little like beef, so I'm happy. But they say you shouldn't eat tuna too often because it has mercury. Not sure what the mercury will do to me, but I get the feeling that if I eat enough tuna, I'll be a little taller on those really hot days.

Incidentally, if you're wondering where those tunas get all that mercury, it's not from eating old thermometers. It comes from the emissions of power plants that don't have the proper pollution controls. This stuff gets into the ocean and then travels up the food chain until it reaches the guys at the top, like the tunas.

The pollution comes to you compliments of our policy-free administration in Washington. Former administrations have had policies about things like the environment, education, health care, foreign relations, science, and industry. Things you and I might actually care about. This administration has only politics, where every move is calculated for political gain.

I feel sorry for the fish.

I feel sorry for all the other creatures on the planet as well.

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