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Butterfly parade
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The road that passes our house ends at Bull Run, a stream that also marks the county line. There is no bridge across it, although it looks like there might be if you check out the local maps. According to the authorities, this is one of only two fords in Virginia -- river crossings with no bridge. The water level varies with the season. During a drought, you can just about walk across it, while during rainy periods, cars get trapped in the heavy flow.

It's a pleasant walk, about two miles round trip, with lots of interesting things to see along the way. The last quarter mile is unpaved, with a steep grade that has become part of our workout.

The riverbank is covered with gravel, and that's where we saw this gathering of butterflies. There must have been thirty or forty of them, circling, then landing, forming groups, then taking off again. I guess that this must have been some sort of mating ritual and perhaps they were laying eggs along the stream bed. Or perhaps it was just some sort of status meeting to update each other on their monthly progress.

Fortunately, I had my trusty camera with me and took a bunch of pictures. The butterflies were moving rapidly, so some of this was patience and some was just plain luck.

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