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Our senator
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This is the senator from our state. While he struts like a rooster, he's also a bit of a chicken.

Actually, our entire congress has resembled this for the last five years or so. Remember the last time that congress took a meaningful stand against the president? Neither can I.

Want to start a war? No problem with this congress. Want to ram through tax cuts for the rich? No problem. Want to cut services that the average American depends on? No problem.

When it comes to congressional oversight, congress really slips into its chicken role. The president wants to bypass treaties, torture detainees, hold people without trial, eavesdrop on American citizens, ignore laws passed by congress? No problem with this group of chickens.

They really have turned into a bunch of dumb clucks, docile and obedient. But there's an election coming soon, so maybe we'll see some new faces around the old henhouse.

As for the subject of this picture, it's a rooster on a local farm. And while I compared him to our congress, that really is an insult to this guy, who deserves our respect.

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