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This is another view of the "mixed blood" orphanage near Seoul in 1965 (See Apr-28-06). These young children, because of their parentage, probably weren't adopted and spent their youth in an orphanage run by the church.

This is one of the consequences of war and of stationing troops on foreign soil.

At the end of the last presidency, there was actually talk of reunification in Korea, north and south becoming one country again, like what happened in Germany. It would have benefited everyone involved. There would have been a military stand-down across the DMZ, with the weapons of war put to rest. Families, separated for more than 50 years, would have been reunited. People in the north, living in dreadful conditions, would share with their southern neighbors. American troops would come home. And North Korea would no longer be a threat to the world.

It almost happened.

But the current administration thought that they would do better with North Korea as an enemy. So they scuttled the talk of reunification and added North Korea to their newly-created "Axis of evil."

And guess what? Thanks to the administration's foreign policy, where threats, insults, and demands replaced diplomacy, North Korea, in a move of self-protection, became a threat to the world.

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