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My front door
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Our house isn't that old, especially by New York standards (Our NYC house was built in 1925).

But the front door has problems. First of all, it's decorative details mean that parts of the door are only about 1/4 inch thick. In the winter, it's the main exit for a lot of heat. So, for the first two winters, we draped a blanket over the door to add some insulation. Being a country house, we seldom use this door, coming into the house most of the time through the garage.

The other problem with the door is that the thin panels are actually cracking. I first noticed this shortly after we moved into the house, but there were more pressing problems, such as replacing the old, leaky windows, rebuilding the porch and patio behind the house, removing some giant trees that were right up against the house, adding a new gate, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture.

But replacing the front door (actually a double-wide door) is definitely on this year's schedule.

The downside of replacing the door is that I'll lose some photographic opportunities, such as being able to photograph the sunrise through my front door.

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