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"He's multifaceted and insecure"
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One of the things you can do with a new camera, to learn its controls and settings, is to take pictures of your TV. This lets you check things like the framing and. more important, the delay between when you press the shutter and when the camera actually takes the picture. With film cameras, the delay was tiny, but with digital cameras, the delay is much longer and takes some practice to get used to.

The TV here is actually my computer monitor. The computer has a card with a TV tuner. There's a splitter, so the same cable that brings you the Internet also brings you TV. What a deal.

The image above is from a French news broadcast, hence the subtitle at the bottom of the screen. The interesting thing is that if you know a little French, you can gauge the accuracy of the subtitles. Sometimes there's a little bit of literary license in the translation, and that's what makes this picture so interesting.

"He's multifaceted and insecure."

Certainly an interesting comment to make about someone. Do you know anyone like that?

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