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Near Buitrago del Lozoya
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 - Near Buitrago del Lozoya - Techno-Impressionist Museum - Techno-Impressionism - art - beautiful - photo photography picture - by Tony Karp

Buitrago is a small town, North of Madrid, that houses the world's smallest Picasso museum. Here, in a vertical panorama, we see a view of the river Lozoya just outside the town.

The Picasso museum is in Buitrago's town hall. It's an interesting exhibit for several reasons. Firstly, most of the pieces have only been shown here. Secondly, most carry a greeting from Picasso, "Para mi amigo Arias," "For my friend Arias."

Eugenio Arias was Picasso's barber and, more importantly, his friend.

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