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The Hobbitt in the pool, at sunset
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 - The Hobbitt in the pool, at sunset - Techno-Impressionist Museum - Techno-Impressionism - art - beautiful - photo photography picture - by Tony Karp

Today is the last day of the pool season. Tomorrow, the pool people are coming to close the pool for the winter. In preparation, I gave the filter one last backwash, cleaned and stored the robot that vacuums the pool and, with the Hobbitt's help, moved the reel with the solar cover to its winter location.

So far, after three seasons, it turns out that having a pool is a very positive benefit for us. The maintenance is minimal, probably averaging out to just an hour or two per week. The cost is minimal as well, with the major expenses being for the closing and opening of the pool, which should be done by professionals.

The benefits are far bigger than I had imagined. The Hobbit, who seems to have descended from some aquatic animal, loves the pool as a place to relax and to exercise. As a summer entertainment feature, nothing beats having your own pool. It's quite an attraction for guests. And last, but far from least, our little granddaughter loves the pool. I think that next summer she will be old enough to get swimming lessons from grandma.

After tomorrow, the pool will wear its winter cover until sometime in the spring, when it will be opened again.

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