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In the woods
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For me, the final stage of the work is the print. No matter how good your computer screen is, you can't really see an image until it's on paper.

For instance, this image is hanging in my gallery. The print is 17 inches wide by about five feet tall. You can walk up to it and see incredible detail that was hidden when viewing on the screen.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been hanging my prints without framing or glass. This print hangs on the wall like a Japanese scroll, held only at the top and the bottom, just like a scroll.

Hanging your prints this way has a number of advantages. First, it's a lot less expensive, costing only about one tenth of a good framing job. Then there's the immediacy of this -- you can have a print on the wall just a few minutes after it's exited the printer. And, since the poster hangers are removable, you can rotate your art and easily create shows.

But the best part is how much better the print looks with no reflective glass and no distracting frame. You can view it from any angle.

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