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Ghost of the ferry
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Time to get into the 'flow.' Athletes call it "the zone."

How do you know when you're there?

You become an observer of yourself. Sort of a shift away from the first erson. You *watch* yourself creating art.

You can see the picture already in front of you. You're just tracing it.

You no longer care about the outcome, about the cost of the materials, screwing up, deadlines, schedules, the rest of the world. Everything else fades away and all you see is what's in front of you.

Your hand moves with confidence. The lines are sure and smooth. There is no doubt.

Later, when you look at what you've created, you get the feeling it was done by someone else.

It was. It was done by the creative spirit inside you. When you 'flow,' you're in touch with this spirit.

How do you make contact?

Music, meditation, environment, exercise, practice, rehearsal, drugs, alcohol. Artists have used many things.

And don't forget inspiration. It's the emotional rocket fuel that will push you to new heights. That's why I have a growing collection of art books.

Pick the artist who inspires you. (Not one whose technique you admire.) Get all the books you can about this artist. Collections, exhibitions, biographies, and anything else you can find.

This artist will be your spiritual guide.

"Poor is the student who does not surpass his teacher."
- Leonardo

Whenever I get into something new, I buy a lot of books about the mechanics of the subject. But I also buy at least one inspirational book about the subject.

If I were into home repair, I'd also have at least one book about Frank Lloyd Wright. This would give me the spiritual side, and the one that makes me want to do the work.

I use music, plus the inspirational part.

Plus, I keep trying new things.

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