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This image is one of my favorites. The effect of pieces of differently-toned paper floating above the canvas. Beneath the paper, soft shadows give a feeling of depth.

When I showed a print of this image to the owner of a gallery along the Place de Vosges in Paris, he reached over and touched the print, so effective was the three dimensional look. - Illusion - by Tony Karp - Illusion - Tony Karp - art - photography - design - Techno-Impressionist Museum - Techno-Impressionism - art - beautiful - photo photography picture - by Tony Karp

Last post for 2006.

Some plans for 2007.

1. Learn to write "2007" instead of "2006."

2. Go back over this journal and add more words. Fill in something on the entries that just have a picture. Perhaps some thoughts on art or things in general. Perhaps just a few words on how the picture was made or what it means to me.

3. I'm starting a new blog about art and design. It will replace the TLC-Systems web site, home of Art and the Zen of Web Sites, Stupid Web Tricks, Dear Webby, and Babbage, the computer language of the future.

I'll be writing about things like photography and design and, of course, art. Like my cooking, every post is experimental, and there's no telling what I might write about next.

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