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Horses on Logmill Road - #2
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 - Horses on Logmill Road - #2 - Techno-Impressionist Museum - Techno-Impressionism - art - beautiful - photo photography picture - by Tony Karp

Forty eight years ago, I began work as a photographer. Mostly magazine and advertising. I also did some writing for photography magazines, articles on how-to projects and techniques, as well as testing, evaluation, and review of photographic equipment.

Then, about eight years later, I stopped. For thirty years, I designed and built things. (For more details, see my bio on the Techno-Impressionist Museum home page.) So, no photography for about thirty years. Perhaps a few photos of my family, but that was about it.

About ten years ago, I started to become tired of building things that would be obsolete and discarded in just a few years. So I started to look towards art again, and that's where the Techno-Impressionist Museum was born.

At first, I just played with Polaroid cameras, and with cardboard disposables as well, but they didn't produce the results I was looking for. I guess I could have resurrected the cameras that I had used long ago, but after thirty years in storage, they would require an expensive overhaul just to get them into working order. In addition, camera technology had matured to point where most cameras had automated focus and exposure, so there was some question as to the value of overhauling obsolete equipment.

At this point, the Hobbitt intervened, pushing me to get some new equipment. My first new camera, a film-based point-and-shoot produced some very rewarding pictures on a trip to Barcelona. I bought two more film cameras, each one a little more advanced than the previous one. I also bought a film scanner, so I could import my pictures to the computer. But it was tedious to scan the negatives and the packages of processed film and prints were starting to take up a lot of storage space.

To be continued....

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